AKW Recording



The price of custom learning recordings is $175 per standard 4-part song. A standard song is less than 100 measures in length and less than 4 minutes long.

**Ask about Bulk Order pricing**

Additional charges:

  1. -If a song is longer than a standard song, as defined above, an additional charge will be negotiated

  1. -If the song has more than four voice parts, an additional $40* will be charged. (If the additional parts are in the form of sporadic voice splits, this charge may be negotiated)

  1. -If a rush order is required, a rush price will be negotiated depending on the requested delivery date.

Other information:

  1. -Mechanical licensing fees are the responsibility of the purchaser, not the producer. Please make the recordings legal.

  1. -Payment must be made before the recordings are released.